Graverobber Online

This is an online multiplayer recreation of Graverobber, which comes from a popular YouTube series called Petscop. If you don't know what Graverobber is, or haven't seen Petscop, here is the video that this game is based on.

Graverobber is a two-player competitive strategy game similar to Battleship. You take turns moving a player piece around the board trying to dig up the opponent's three graves. It might sound easy, but it's surprisingly challenging once you realize how the game actually works.

If you want to talk with other people about the game or find people to play with, consider joining the Graverobber Online Discord.


  • Create a public room or join a random room to play with strangers.
  • Create a private room and share the room code to play with friends.
  • An in-game chat complete with Petscop related emotes.
  • A single player training mode that generates random levels for you to practice on.
  • A "How to Play" option, explaining the full rules of the Graverobber.
  • Available to play both in the browser,  a Windows executable, and now on Android via the Play Store.


nullsharp - Game development, programming

Masuna - Project director, sound effects, rule sheet

Blusagi - Sprites: player pieces, windmill, gravestones, record tiles, green and black game boards

Gentlemaniac - Shovel and dirt hole sprites

Nog - Emote sheet

aaaaAAAAAA - "CONGRATS" sprite and matador emote

fermion - Programming, Main menu music and in-game ambient track

/u/osyu - School lock sound effect

Creators of the Petscop Public Megasheet

Big thanks to the many Beta Testers on Discord!


Download 34 MB

Also available on